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Our Vision: Breaking Convention. To never stop questioning the status quo and looking beyond accepted best practices.

We spend about 70% of our waking lives at work, commuting to work or thinking about work. Such a huge investment and still, Canadians aren't satisfied at work. This is a place to share thoughts and ideas on how to improve workplaces. I want to hear from employees, business leaders and anyone who wants to learn about how to make work better.

My name is Mehdi Kajbaf, I am an enthusiastic blogger, professional facilitator and Schulich MBA Alumni.

My services include health and wellness training through my partnership with Shepell.FGI, (time management, productivity, stress), teamwork and leadership coaching, recruitment assistance through my partnership with Ascentii's cloud based solutions and a range of other personalized solutions to help improve the effectiveness of your organization. Please see my services for more details.

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Check out this great April Fools joke video by Matboard and More.

It was not long ago as I was finishing up my MBA, I had a pivotal question to answer: should I join an existing company or start my own as an entrepreneur?  Fast forward to present day and we know the outcome of that question, as my experiences as an entrepreneur have been well documented on this blog. However, as I was pondering the question during my MBA, I took it upon myself to network with others in hopes of gaining insight from their experiences. At networking events, it seemed like everyone would ask the same question:

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I was at dinner the other day with some friends, and we were discussing careers when someone asked me what it feels like to be an entrepreneur.  It feels odd to be called that, but after more than a year of running my own business with Matboard And More while also facilitating and expanding OES I suppose it’s a fair classification.

I love being an entrepreneur, I just wasn’t sure if I lived up to title.   I have always admired and respected those individuals who were able to craft a niche in the world by creating something out of nothing and in the process add substantial value to the world.  I feel like I’m on that path now and it’s incredibly exciting.

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We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior.
Stephen M.R. Covey

There is a school of thought that is quickly gaining steam, which says the MBA is useless.  I really enjoyed reading this particular article on the topic.  Technology has enabled people all across the world, particularly with the ability to start up their own business.  Apps, social media, blogs, online marketplaces and various other technologies have made it incredibly easy to create a business.  Business is fast, sexy and accessible.

The MBA brand seems to defy that.  When people think MBA, they think corporate, they think suits, they think Finance, HR and Marketing.  Traditional.  Corporate.  

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Very happy to be featured!  Please check it out and give me feedback.

Guest blog by Sean Conrad.

Goal management is about more than just annually assigning goals and reviewing employee performance. It’s about getting every employee to use and develop their talents, skills and experience to help your organization meet its overarching goals.  

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We juggle 5-different balls: a health ball, a family ball, a friends ball, a work ball and a spirituality ball. Four of the five are made out of crystal. If we drop them, they will shatter. Only one ball is made out of rubber and bounces back, the work ball
Bryan Dyson, former CEO of Coa-Cola

I was recently having coffee with a former colleague of my mine, one that I hadn’t spoken to in about a year.  I always love those meetings because suddenly you are re-capping your past year and as you listen to yourself speak you begin to realize either, A) I just wasted a year, or B) what a great year, this sounds really cool!

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Whoever decided we work 5 days a week, from 9 to 5, then get 2 days off and go back at it again is a real jerk.  We work way more than we don’t work, and we do it in a constrained, structured way that makes finding balance nearly impossible.  I’ve been reflecting a lot on my life right now, and how much has changed from just a few years ago.  I’m loving it because I am on my way to being freed of the dependency and comfort of a corporate job.  First, let’s look at my life in 2010.

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